Care Homes..

We are extremely proud of how our business has developed, especially the range of activities we deliver in care establishments Island wide. 

We are very careful when recruiting staff for the activity side of the business. Many of our staff have had experience of working in residential/nursing homes and understand the demands of the care home staff.  They know the importance of delivering regular activities in a calm, steady way; it is with this experience and knowledge that this part of my business has become so successful.

We gain as much pleasure out of delivering the activities as the residents do! We really enjoy seeing each person, their families and staff on a regular basis.

We are a business that cares and continues to make a difference each day to many different people in different situations.


We pride ourselves in building up a good working relationship with the management and staff in each home.


We can also assist care homes with the following staff:


Management cover for sickness & holidays (including crisis management) - Senior carers/carers - Admin clerks - Training officers- Maintenance team (inside and out) - Gardener - Cook - Domestic assistants - Beauty & reflexology therapists - One to one support for your residents (Usually paid for by their POA or family members - Activity coordinator - 2 hours to weekly support.


Whatever your requirements are, call us, we hope to work with you soon. If you would like us to send you a comprehensive information pack or you would like a face to face chat then please contact us.